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The Closest you can get to History!
We have one of the nation's most extensive inventories of rare and historical newspapers. They span 6 centuries and all are guaranteed to be original and in very good to excellent condition. We have been collecting these historical newspapers and news magazines for over forty-five years. We take great pride in being able to locate very rare specimens, as well as newspapers which contain content of specific interest to a myriad of different subject collectors.


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Featuring 6 Centuries of Historical Newspapers Available For Purchase
Stephen A. Goldman and staff welcome you to a place where COMPLETE ORIGINAL issues of HISTORICAL NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES from 1560-2002 are available for purchase by collectors throughout the world. We have an inventory of over 500,000 COMPLETE ORIGINAL historical newspapers (and other early news forms such as newsbooks, news magazines, illustrated news broadsides, etc.) available for purchase by collectors and dealers. We offer them through many venues including direct sale and by auction on EBAY. Our EBAY listings represent only a very tiny fraction of the huge inventory that we have available to collectors and dealers. We specialize in historical events from the 1500's to the present day and we take pride in our business philosophy: "We HAVE what you want, we just need to KNOW what you want." Our large inventory is categorized by historical events, sports events & personalities, rare & early newspaper titles from many cities and states, world famous individuals, dealer quantity lots, and topics too many to mention here (coinage, literature, illustrated newspapers, wars, gangsters, inventions, wild west, disasters, politics, etc., etc., etc). We have been in the business of buying and selling ORIGINAL historical newspapers & news magazines since 1969. Our inventory of COMPLETE ORIGINAL NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES has been carefully gathered over the past 40+ years by a collector / dealer devoted to the acquisition of the "best of the best" in historical news. All of our merchandise is unconditionally guaranteed to be COMPLETE and ORIGINAL or your money is cheerfully refunded. We invite you to check out our listings on EBAY by doing a seller search on our EBAY ID: QRST. You may also contact us by phone with your specific requests at 410-925-1137 or by Email at Saghnoldnews@msn.com. We are active buyers of historical newspapers and magazines and invite you to contact us when you are ready to sell.

Who We Are!
Stephen A. Goldman Historical Newspapers is a business owned and operated by Steve Goldman. We thought you might want to know just who he is. STEVE GOLDMAN is a Periodontist who has been a serious collector of rare and early newspapers for over 40 years. He is a consultant to the NEWSEUM (located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC). He is a member of the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, MA and is the author or co-author of several books that use newspaper front pages to tell the story of a particular theme (Titanic disaster , Wild West outlaws, Civil War). He was for 7 years the author of a column on historical newspapers for the publication: "Collectible Newspapers." If you are interested in historical newspapers you will want to see the video interview of Steve Goldman, currently playing at the NEWSEUM in Washington, DC. Dr. Goldman discusses his 45+ years of collecting historical newspapers at the web address below: http://www.newseum.org/exhibits-and-theaters/permanent-exhibits/news-history/news-history-gallery-video.html


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